Garden from the Air!

I took part of the morning to get caught up on garden photography since it was clear and sunny. I decided to use the drone for all of the shots because I think the higher perspective shows the planting better.

Aerial photo of the completed garden.

Wrapping Up!

I planted the 4 summer dance cucumbers below the trellis in the mint garden. Then I planted 3 mustard plants behind the eggplants. I topped off the four remaining pots in the container garden with compost and planted one with genovese basil seeds, and another with slow bolting cilantro. I’ll plant the other two in a month or so, I’m not quite sure of the timing yet.

The container garden. Malabar spinach is in the half-buried pot on the far right.

I have a couple of 1 1/2 inch Early Girl II tomatoes in the container garden which means ripe tomatoes in early June. I have a Melrose pepper that is about 1 1/2 inches long, so we will be having early peppers as well.

The only major task left is to rototill and put the trellises in for the new cucumber garden and plant the seeds. I hope to get that wrapped up this week. Then, weeding, watering, picking, and cooking.

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever had a finished garden!

Home Stretch!

I’ve been dragging a little getting the last of the plants in, but I’m where I wanted to be. On Saturday, I planted and staked 15 LaRoma plants from Goebbert’s in the second half of the bed next to the firepit. Sunday, I planted and staked 6 King Arthur green peppers and 12 Lady Bell peppers in the first half of the bed nearest the blackberries. I then put my new bottomless pots around them as rabbit protection.

Peppers in the bed on the left, and Roma tomatoes and Zucchini on the right. Rabbit protection pots installed on the unfenced area.

Next, I repaired the fence and put a 1X6 across the front of the fenced area to keep the rabbits from going under the fence. Then I planted 6 poblano peppers, 3 Valencia peppers, 6 poblano peppers, and 3 Hot Hungarian peppers. I need to go to Home Depot and get some stakes.

I did some weeding and cleanup today, but ran out of time. I did get the pot of Malabar spinach dug into the ground about 8 inches. This should protect it from blowing over in the wind as it did last year.We got about 3/4 inches of rain this evening. I am almost done except for cucumbers and those should get in over the next couple of days.

What’s in the Garden?

One of my goals has been to make better use of what’s growing in the garden. So I came up with this sheet that I will post on the refrigerator each week or so to remind me of what is currently available in the garden.

It is the middle of May and here’s what is already ready to pick. I used the first of the Bok Choy and some of the green onions in fried rice this week.

I am hoping that this lets us make better use of our fresh produce.


I bought 70 geraniums from Jewel this year at $1.99 each. I needed 60 and that covered the front and back pots. I planted the remaining 10 in the mint garden. I put pansies in several of the large pots on the deck which explains why I only needed 60.

Geraniums in the Mint Garden.


The three front raised beds. Spring greens in the first, Shishito Peppers in the second, and sweet peppers and okra in the third.

After I got the tomatoes in, I planted the 12 okra plants. They are in the reddish pots in the third bed. Rabbits love okra and they need the protection of the pots.

2024 Tomato Matrix

I was outside a little after 9:00 AM and pulled out the tomato cages, rototilled, raked and planted the the tomatoes today before the rain. As far as varieties, I got everything I wanted, but Countryside had no Oxhearts. I substituted Black from Tula.

I also tilled up the bed for the tomatillos and planted those. I had a little time left before exercise , so I planted the Okra, I chased out the rabbit who was eating all of my Romaine. Wascally Wabbit!

The perpetrator!

Champion II – Early (Countryside)
Great for sandwiches.
Best early type. DR
Mortgage Lifter – Mid (Countryside)
Pink variety with meaty fruit & great taste.
Mortgage Lifter – Mid (Countryside)
Pink variety with meaty fruit & great taste.
Big Beef Plus – Early (Countryside)
Smooth, enormous fruit. DR HY AAS
Early Girl II – Very Early (Countryside)
Tasty fruit, first to ripen
German Johnson – L (Countryside)
Low acid, potato-leaf foliage.
Brandywine Red – Mid (Countryside)
Intense tomato flavor HY
Big Beef Plus – Early (Countryside)
Smooth, enormous fruit. DR HY AAS
 Champion II – Early (Countryside)
Great for sandwiches.
Best early type. DR
Mr. Stripey – Late (Countryside)
Yellow with red-streaked flesh.
Cherokee Carbon – Mid (Countryside)
Big pink fruit with Outstanding flavor
Black from Tula – Late (Countryside)
Meaty, few seeds. Perfect for slicing.
Early Girl II – Very Early (Countryside)
Tasty fruit,
first to ripen
Lemon Boy – Mid (Countryside)
Tasty, sweet, juicy,
low acid. HY  
Cherokee Carbon – M (Countryside)
Big pink fruit with Outstanding flavor
Cherokee Carbon – M (Countryside)
Big pink fruit with Outstanding flavor
The Perpetrator!

The Tomato bed. SIxteen plants per the Tomato Matrix.

Warm Weather Progress

I seem to be a couple weeks ahead in my planting this year. The container garden is essentially done, I need to plant basil and cilantro seeds, but I’ll wait until the weather dries out a little.

I drove up to Countryside today and got the last tomato plant for the container garden, a yellow grape tomato. I also got a dozen Okra plants. They are very small and I likely won’t plant them until next week, after the rain is over. I also picked up three zucchini.

The four eggplants are along the garden walk and protected from rabbits.

I planted the eggplant over the past weekend and installed the rabbit protection immediately. The eggplant was from Goebbert’s as were all of the peppers. I put the peppers in today. Three banana peppers and a dozen Shishitos fill the second bed from the front. The third bed has three Melrose peppers, and three Gypsy peppers. The Okra will fill out the rest of that bed.

The second bed has the banana and Shishito peppers.

I planted the three Zucchini in the furthest bed at the south end. Rain is in the forecast for every day until Friday. I’ll plant the Lady Bell peppers that I already bought at Goebbert’s then, and try to get the tomatoes in. I am happy with my progress so far.