Home Stretch!

I’ve been dragging a little getting the last of the plants in, but I’m where I wanted to be. On Saturday, I planted and staked 15 LaRoma plants from Goebbert’s in the second half of the bed next to the firepit. Sunday, I planted and staked 6 King Arthur green peppers and 12 Lady Bell peppers in the first half of the bed nearest the blackberries. I then put my new bottomless pots around them as rabbit protection.

Peppers in the bed on the left, and Roma tomatoes and Zucchini on the right. Rabbit protection pots installed on the unfenced area.

Next, I repaired the fence and put a 1X6 across the front of the fenced area to keep the rabbits from going under the fence. Then I planted 6 poblano peppers, 3 Valencia peppers, 6 poblano peppers, and 3 Hot Hungarian peppers. I need to go to Home Depot and get some stakes.

I did some weeding and cleanup today, but ran out of time. I did get the pot of Malabar spinach dug into the ground about 8 inches. This should protect it from blowing over in the wind as it did last year.We got about 3/4 inches of rain this evening. I am almost done except for cucumbers and those should get in over the next couple of days.