Spring Greens

I went to Goebbert’s on Tuesday after my filming at St. Anne. There were only a couple of tables of spring vegetables, but mostly what I needed. They didn’t have Red Romaine yet, nor spinach, but I bought a flat containing regular Romaine, leaf lettuce, broccoli, and beets.

The weather was still iffy, but I got everything planted today after I finished my session with Lee. It’s still quite wet. I’m glad I tilled and got the soil amendments into the garden last fall. The timing is almost identical to last year. I need to get some arugla and pak choi seeds in next week after the soil dries out some more.

Leaf Lettuce and Romaine

Goebberts opens today! Oh, wait…

Happy Easter.

Spring is slow in coming this year. I hope this is winter’s last hurrah. Predictions are for a warming trend with temperatures near 80° and sunny for next weekend. Despite the cold wet weather, the peas are at about 1-1/2 inches and the radishes are slowly popping up. The mint is coming back to life, I picked and used my first batch of chives and the lawn is full of striped squill.

I am hoping to get greens in by the end of the week. Thursday looks nice. I’ll make sure I have lettuce and spinach plants before then. Time to get more specific in my planning.

Looking back at last year’s posts the first planting was on April 22, so I’m about at the same place as last year. I am a month ahead with the radishes and peas.

April Fool’s Day

Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning. At least we have some sun today. It’s been cold and rainy for the past couple of weeks. It’s way too wet to plant or even walk through the garden. The temperatures will be in the 50s next week, but other than Sunday, there is rain in the forecast every day. No gardening for a while.

Thank God I got the peas and radishes in when I did. It’s probably been too cold for them to germinate, though. The warmer temps this week might get them going.

Just what I would expect on April Fool’s Day.