2018 Evaluation

Kitchen Remodeling dominated my life this summer and is still not totally complete. Heavy spring and early summer rains prevented the planting of spring crops, stunted the growth of the peppers and let the weeds get totally out of control.

The heirloom tomatoes produced early and well in spite of the weather with Cherokee Carbon being an extremely flavorful¬†and prolific producer. I was late getting plum tomatoes and bought San Marzano instead of Roma from Goebbert’s. They didn’t produce as well as the Romas, but it might have been the weather. We’ll stick with Roma next year.

The peppers were very late and the green peppers weren’t very large, even at the end of the season. I picked a lot of peppers to freeze in mid-October, which was when they finally matured. The Shishito peppers produced very well and I would like to plant more next year. I got 6 plants by visiting multiple Home Depots. Sweet Heat and Spanish Spice peppers were totally tasteless, I probably won’t plant those again.

I think I prefer the purple tomatillos to the green ones, they seem to be a little sweeter.

For a garden that received little care, it did well enough and I was able to give a lot of tomatoes away.