Spring Surprise! (The Second One.)

Snow Covered Garden.
Late spring snowstorm. April 27, 2019. They are predicting 5 – 8 inches.

APRIL 27th!!!

Looks like the garden is going in late this year.

So we are back to snow! Last Sunday was Easter, the temp was 76 and sunny and we spent most of the afternoon on the deck at Jared’s. They are talking 45 degrees tomorrow, and then in the 50s and 60s all week. It is also going to rain all week. The landscapers didn’t show up this week to do clean-up, so it may be late May or early June before the garden is in.

Spring in Chicago

Spring in Chicago
Spring in Chicago

So, here’s our April 14, Palm Sunday surprise. We eventually got 5 inches of snow. The weather is warming, so it should be gone in a day or two as we’ll hit almost 70 degrees later in the week. But the warmer weather will also bring rain so the prospects of doing anything to prepare the garden are bleak.

It is also Holy Week with Easter being about as late as it gets. This is the week I usually make horseradish, but with the snow and then the rain coming, it will be impossible to get it out of the ground. Storebought horseradish on Easter!

If the rain stops, maybe I can have the beds built and ready to go by early May.