Seed Ordering Time

2017 seed order from Terroir Seeds

2017 seed order from Terroir Seeds

Spring is just around the corner, so I perused Terroir Seeds website and placed my order for the year.

I had good luck setting out spinach and Romaine lettuce plants last year, so I will do that again and avoid seeds for those greens because it is way more trouble than it’s worth.

Here’s the rundown:

Arugula, Rocket  I’ve had good luck with rapidly growing arugula in the past, so this is a no-brainer. I ordered four packs for succession planting.

Bean, Tendergreen  Four packs of this bush bean also. Hope to make room for it this year and keep the succession planting going.

Slow Bolting Cilantro  I’ve had bad luck with cilantro in the past because it had poor yields and it was much cheaper to buy it at the market than the cost of the seeds. But, I’ll give this slow bolting variety a try.

Sweet Basil, Genovese Basil, Napoletano Bolloso Basil  It is difficult to plant too much basil. I’ll start with plants and start the seeds for the next couple rounds of crops. Plants set out in late spring are pretty much worn out by the end of summer.

Cucumber, True Lemon  Lemon cucumbers are absolutely delightful. They are a long season crop so I hope to get them started early in pots. The last time I grew them, I started them too late but the few I got were wonderful.

Cucamelon/Mouse Melon  These little cucumbers look like miniature watermelons. I haven’t grown these yet but I’ll try and start them early for a good yield.

Achocha/Caihua  This cucumber relative can be eaten raw when small and usually stuffed and cooked when mature. It’s a South American native and is supposedly easy to grow and prolific. I’ll be starting these in the middle of April also.