Wrapping Up!

I planted the 4 summer dance cucumbers below the trellis in the mint garden. Then I planted 3 mustard plants behind the eggplants. I topped off the four remaining pots in the container garden with compost and planted one with genovese basil seeds, and another with slow bolting cilantro. I’ll plant the other two in a month or so, I’m not quite sure of the timing yet.

The container garden. Malabar spinach is in the half-buried pot on the far right.

I have a couple of 1 1/2 inch Early Girl II tomatoes in the container garden which means ripe tomatoes in early June. I have a Melrose pepper that is about 1 1/2 inches long, so we will be having early peppers as well.

The only major task left is to rototill and put the trellises in for the new cucumber garden and plant the seeds. I hope to get that wrapped up this week. Then, weeding, watering, picking, and cooking.

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever had a finished garden!