January Tomatoes and Kale

January Kale

Kale is the ultimate crop to extend the season of fresh vegetables.

For New Years Day breakfast, I decided to make a Kale Quiche topped with oven dried tomatoes. I dried and froze the tomatoes back in the middle of September and they survived the freezing process quite well. Here’s the link on how to make oven-dried tomatoes http://karneyfamilyrecipes.com/2013/01/06/oven-dried-tomatoes/

The Kale is still quite good despite the couple of nights in the mid teens this past week. The Quiche was so good, I made another today! Here’s the recipe: http://karneyfamilyrecipes.com/2013/01/06/kale-quiche-with-oven-dried-tomatoes/

I’ll definitely plant a lot more late Kale next year and have already decided to plant more Roma tomatoes since the oven dried tomatoes freeze so well.

I’m starting to look at seed catalogs. It’s just a little over two months until planting time for spring greens and snow peas.