Fava Beans

I planted four short rows of Fava beans today. These are cool weather beans which I have never grown before. They might need support later on. I guess I’ll find out.

Planted Lettuce

Goebbert’s opened on Friday for curbside pickup, but it had snowed a couple of inches which melted quickly, but I waited yesterday to order pansies and lettuce and a few herbs. They didn’t have red romaine or spinach available yet so I got a flat of gourmet mix and planted 4 rows in the garden and and 1 large pot on the deck. I got the pansies into the front and back deck planters also. I am still planning where I will put the herb garden, so the herbs remain in their pots.

More Greens

I’ve had a busy week videoing the Holy Week services at St. Anne’s. We are 3-4 days ahead so I have time to edit and post before the Triduum. All churches are still closed because of the Corona Virus as well as everyone has stay-at-home orders.

But I did get a little break today and planted a wide row of Arugula and a row of Pak Choi. Temps were in the upper 70’s and rain is coming, so I was glad to get that in. If I have time tomorrow and it’s not too wet, I’ll put in some Fava beans.


The chives are all about 6-8 inches high and there is enough for all of my needs. We picked some today to add to our mac and cheese dinner and I used some on potatoes the other night. It is nice to have fresh herbs again. There isn’t really much that survived the winter. One of the sage plants has a few green leaves popping out and the dried leaves are still hanging on and they are quite aromatic. And some of the green onions are popping up, but not many.

I am not sure if any of the oregano made it or not. Nothing visible yet.