Production is starting.

I picked the first couple of tomatoes last weekend and made tomato toast for Katy, Kevin, and myself on Saturday. Evan and I picked an overflowing colander of peas later in the day. I should have picked them a few days earlier, but even though there were full sized peas in the pods, they were still crunchy and tender. This variety is a keeper.

Snow Peas from the garden

We used cherry tomatoes from the garden and dill, and oregano on Grouper that Natalie made last night. I picked my first small zucchini tonight for my dinner. There will be many more in a couple of days.

I’ll water tonight. The peppers look terrible, I will fertilize them tonight as well. I have some small green peppers growing and some Shishitos, but the plants are spindly and not vigorous.

The Garden at Night

Of course, I love being out in the garden in the brilliance of the day, but with the solar lighting, the garden takes on a magical appearance as the sun goes down.

Just as the Sun is beginning to set,
Through the Herb Garden and up to the deck.
Looking out from the deck.
The Mint Garden at NIght.

First Fireflies!

I’ve been watching for fireflies every night but nothing until tonight. I think the past two days of hot weather brought them out. I saw them only in the yard across the street in the area behind our mailbox. There should be more as the weather is staying hot. I saw the first ones on June 7 last year, so they are about a week later this year. Not surprising because of the cool weather we had

Onions and Herbs

It looks like my bunching onions are spreading and getting to the point of being useful. They are flowering with a nice display as are the chives.

Flowering Onions and Chives in the Herb Garden
Here’s Annabelle running out of the Herb Garden.