Warm Weather Progress

I seem to be a couple weeks ahead in my planting this year. The container garden is essentially done, I need to plant basil and cilantro seeds, but I’ll wait until the weather dries out a little.

I drove up to Countryside today and got the last tomato plant for the container garden, a yellow grape tomato. I also got a dozen Okra plants. They are very small and I likely won’t plant them until next week, after the rain is over. I also picked up three zucchini.

The four eggplants are along the garden walk and protected from rabbits.

I planted the eggplant over the past weekend and installed the rabbit protection immediately. The eggplant was from Goebbert’s as were all of the peppers. I put the peppers in today. Three banana peppers and a dozen Shishitos fill the second bed from the front. The third bed has three Melrose peppers, and three Gypsy peppers. The Okra will fill out the rest of that bed.

The second bed has the banana and Shishito peppers.

I planted the three Zucchini in the furthest bed at the south end. Rain is in the forecast for every day until Friday. I’ll plant the Lady Bell peppers that I already bought at Goebbert’s then, and try to get the tomatoes in. I am happy with my progress so far.