First Tomatoes and Peppers

I planted 4 Early Girl tomato plants (1 large from Home Depot, 3 from Goebbert’s and 4 Valencia Peppers from Goebbert’s.

In the Herb Garden, I planted a couple pots of oregano, 3 thyme and parsley.

I also planted the cherry tomato plants by the porch, 1 Sun Sugar and 1 Super Sweet 100.

More Planting

Last Wednesday and Thursday produced about five inches of rain and delivered a load of topsoil from Greg’s garden (uphill) to mine (downhill). It is sort of like the fertile river deltas that depend on the spring floods to enrich the soil. I did remember to thank him.

We awoke on Friday morning to 1/2 inch of snow on the ground which melted fairly quickly, but it was cold and windy all weekend and the ground was too wet to do much. Most of the greens other than the corn salad are sprouting, but growth is cold because of the cold wet weather.

Kohlrabi, broccoli and collard greens.

Kohlrabi, broccoli and collard greens.

Today was sunny and the temperature made it into the upper 60’s, so I stopped at Goebbert’s for some cool weather vegetables which they were just putting out. All of the flowers are still in the greenhouses, but they are open.

I planted kohlrabi, Green Comet broccoli and collard greens in the new plot next to the horseradish. I put pots with the bottoms cut out around the broccoli and kohlrabi to keep away various woodland creatures, but didn’t have enough for the collard greens. Hopefully, they don’t like collard greens.

Kale & mustard green plants.

Kale and mustard green plants in between sprouting seeds.

I put the kale plants and mustard greens between the rows that I seeded earlier this month where the blue kale and chard were last fall. Only one kale plant survived from last year, but I let it go to see what will happen with it.

I also bought one pack of leeks, but I haven’t figured out where those should go yet. I also need to plant snow peas.

Planting #2

April view of barn and garden.

The garden in early April.

Another beautiful spring day with temperature in the upper 50’s and lots of sun. I raked the horseradish plot and tried to fill in the holes, also did a little yard cleanup and burned the Christmas wreath and garland that’s been sitting on the deck waiting for a good burn day.

I put flags in the tomato bed to mark locations for the tomato plants so that I could plant rows of greens between them. By the time the tomatoes are going into their growth spurt, the greens will have bolted and be ready to pull out.

Here’s what got planted today:
Asian Altor Greens
D’Avignon Long Radishes
More Lollo Rossa Lettuce
Corn Salad – Verte A Coeur Plein
More Arugula
Strawberry Spinach

I’ve been watering every day as the surface of the soil has been drying out and what I’ve planted is planted near the surface. Starting tonight, it’s supposed to rain all week. We’ll see.