Planting #2

April view of barn and garden.

The garden in early April.

Another beautiful spring day with temperature in the upper 50’s and lots of sun. I raked the horseradish plot and tried to fill in the holes, also did a little yard cleanup and burned the Christmas wreath and garland that’s been sitting on the deck waiting for a good burn day.

I put flags in the tomato bed to mark locations for the tomato plants so that I could plant rows of greens between them. By the time the tomatoes are going into their growth spurt, the greens will have bolted and be ready to pull out.

Here’s what got planted today:
Asian Altor Greens
D’Avignon Long Radishes
More Lollo Rossa Lettuce
Corn Salad – Verte A Coeur Plein
More Arugula
Strawberry Spinach

I’ve been watering every day as the surface of the soil has been drying out and what I’ve planted is planted near the surface. Starting tonight, it’s supposed to rain all week. We’ll see.