Progress. Slow, but progress.

New path in the cucumber bed.

Change of forecast. We actually had a dry day on the weekend, at least until 6pm when it rained just enough to make everything wet and muddy.

I decided to add a concrete paver walk down the center of the cucumber bed so I could do another planting in front of the cukes. I was just going to put down a couple of lengths of decking boards, but the concrete blocks were cheaper. The walkway cost me $17. Since I will be digging these beds by hand in the future I might as well pave the areas where I need to walk, then I don’t need to worry about weeds or mowing. I’ll probably do stepping stones in the tomato patch this year and then in the paths between raised beds later on.

After that was in, I planted some seeds from Terroir Seeds in the last section of the bed. They are True Lemon Cucumbers, which I had planted a few years ago. These lemon shaped cukes are delicious right off of the vine and few make it into the house.

I laid out the new raised beds and planted Zucchini in the center one. Two hills of Black Beauty from Bonnie Plants at Home Depot and one hill of Cocozelle Zucchini from Countryside. I’ll build the raised bed around it later – I needed to get the Zucchini in the ground.

I also planted green onions in the bed by the deck after topping it off with mushroom compost. I also planted Curley parsley in the herb garden there..