First Lightning Bugs

Lightning bugs have been unusually present in the garden this year. I see them flying around as I have been working outside this week and a couple more curious ones landed on me. But tonight, June 22, has been the first appearance of them at dusk. (I’ve been out watching every night.)

In folklore, there doesn’t seem to be any significance to their first appearance, but they are the harbingers of summer. I am expecting a bumper crop this year because of their presence during the day, I don’t ever remember seeing so many., just an occasional one. Hot weather is predicted for the last half of the week, and I think that will really bring them out.

I tried to photograph them tonight and they will show up on video as well as in stills. Trying to get them to perform on cue will be difficult, though. If we have a bumper crop this year, it should up the odds of getting a couple of them in a shot.