Good Dry Weather

We haven’t had any rain in a couple of weeks and not much before that. The seven-day forecast shows no chance of rain and temperatures in the high 80s every day. I planted the beets today next to the romaine lettuce, and they will be able to spread when the Romaine is done. I watered heavily today, and the plants were showing signs of a lack of water. The celery root was totally wilted; I hope it comes back. It looks like I’ll be watering every day this week.

The only plants I have left to put in are the three Tomatillos. Hope I can get that done tomorrow. I need to get the Malabar spinach in. I need trellises for it, and I need to figure out where to put it.

I need to plant more zucchini and squash from seed, but no hurry. I need to get my Roma tomato plants from Goebbert’s. Hope they have some left.

I had to kill a bumblebee who was building a nest under the porch and entering by the water shutoff. I sprayed the area with Spectracide as a deterrent a couple of days ago, but she persisted and had to be dispatched.

I also killed two queen yellow jackets this week. I smashed one in the kitchen skylight and sprayed another on the back porch. There has been one flying around the compost bin. I need to spend an afternoon in the yard with a spray can and nail any more that are trying to nest.