First Peppers In

So, the first of the peppers are going in about two weeks earlier than last year. Checking online, Countryside and Goebbert’s weren’t growing Shishitos, so I was stuck trying to find them at home depot. Izabella found eight plants for me in the city, and I found the last four at the Home Depot in Crystal Lake. I picked those up from Jared yesterday and gave him the two Carolina Reapers I got for him at Countryside. On the way back from the city, I stopped at Goebbert’s to pick up the rest of my peppers and found that they had both Shishitos and Carolina Reapers, even though they didn’t have them listed on the website! Oh, well!?!

So, I planted the 12 Shishitos this afternoon in the easternmost of the three new beds. I also planted three Bounty heirloom sweet banana peppers from Countryside. I planted some of the container plants, also, but I’ll lump all of those together in another post since there are quite a few this year.