First Veggies

First Greens

I picked enough spinach and lettuce last night to make a dinner salad or Natalie and I. I also picked some green onions to spice it up a bit. I have cherry tomatoes to plant but ran out of time and rain is coming for the next couple of days. I’m a few days behind in planting, but the weather should clear up by Tuesday and they are predicting sunny and warm into the weekend. Unfortunately, there are three inches of rain forecast for this afternoon. That’s after 4 inches of rain last Thursday.

The fava beans haven’t come up. Possibly the frost did them in. I haven’t had any luck finding Shishito peppers yet. Jared and Izabella have been checking at Home Depot, also, but nothing. Bonnie Plants also sells to Jewel and Walmart, so I guess I’ll check there, too. Today might be a good day to do that with the rain — it will minimize my exposure to Covid-19.