Thwarting the Groundhog

The groundhog has been after the Roma tomatoes which are starting to ripen, so I fenced them in before he trashed the crop. They are the biggest I’ve ever seen. I need to talk to Lee Goebbert to see if they are a different variety..

I also closed up the cucumber patch since some of the leaves were chewed on and a couple of cucumbers were chomped upon. Don’t know whether to blame the groundhog or the rabbits.

I picked four champion tomatoes today along with the first mortgage lifter. I will probably need to fence in the tomato patch also.

Cherry and grape tomatoes are coming in heavy, starting to pick a variety of peppers. Shishitos are doing well, but no flowers on the Jalapeno plants, so no new peppers.

Finally, a zucchini is almost ready and there should be eggplant to cook next week.