The Last Pizza

The Last Veggie Pizza

The final garden pizza of the year before adding the cheese and toppings

We haven’t has a frost yet, but the weather has turned cold and it looks like it’s going to stay cold, so I picked the last of the veggies on Friday and made a pizza for our Friday night group. I had just enough tomatoes, and I chopped up a bunch of small green peppers for topping. Unfortunately, the basil is long gone. I used dried basil but it really doesn’t bear much resemblance to the fresh. Everyone enjoyed the pizza anyway.

Today I cleaned out most of the garden and put away the tomato cages and the pepper stakes, rolled up the chicken wire fence that I put around the zucchini and raked up all the dropped fruits. The compost pile is overflowing. The Swiss chard and Kale are the only things left and they are still doing very well.

I found a bunch of peppers and a couple of tomatoes and a few tiny patty-pan squash, so we’ll fry that up and have it over pasta this week. Tomorrow, we’re off to the annual cooking expo at Arlington Park.

I hope the roto-till everything before the ground freezes so that I am ready to go in the spring. With Jared and Izabella getting married in May, Spring prep time will be at a premium, so I will try and get most of the cleanup done this fall.