The Kale Just’a Keeps On Comin’

It’s just a couple of weeks until Christmas and I am still picking Kale. I don’t think it’s growing at this point but the flavor is great after all the freezes. I am cooking it as I did for Thanksgiving, minus the bacon. Absolutely delicious!

I finally dug the seed packets out of the barn when I did the final cleanup. The variety I planted in the spring is Red Russian (Ragged Jack). It is still yielding well from the 12 ft. row that I planted. The variety I planted in late July is Vates Dwarf Blue Kale, this is still in good shape and I prefer it for salads. The Swiss Chard planted in July was Fordhook Giant, while the stuff planted in the spring was plants from Goebbert’s. A picture of those plants is the masthead for this blog.

I’ll be looking for other varieties of kale for nest year as it was the first crop to mature and lasted into December. It has all the health benefits of broccoli and it is delicious once you find the right recipes. I’ll also be looking for other long season crops.

The Rosemary is still good, and we used it on potatoes a couple of times this week. Parsley, sage and thyme are still in good shape also.

A couple of weeks ago I had a nice batch of weeds emerging and getting ready to flower in the garden. I hit them with Roundup and it seemed to work in spite of the cold temperatures. These are the weeds that take over the garden by April. I’ll have to find out what they are.