Spring Planting Done

We were supposed to have rain the past couple of days, but it never happened, so between Friday and Saturday, and recording and livestreaming at St. Anne’s, I got the Spring planting done.

I planted Red onion bulbs, shallot seedlings, and Pak Choi seeds in the first bed, filling it. I set out a dozen Green Comet broccoli plants in the second bed and 2 rows of beets in the third bed. I Planted Easter Egg radish seeds in the front of the bed where the peas are right along the front fence. That way I can set in the eggplants without disturbing the radishes.

I have a bunch or parsley left which I will make a new bed for as well as arugula seeds. There is also a full flat of mint which I won’t plant until the new mint garden is prepped. I need to get some Swiss Chard, but that can wait until later.

I watered all of the new plantings because the weather predictions have not been accurate.