Seeds Ordered!

I got an email from Terroir that their onion bulbs were ready for shipment, so I got my order in today. Since we use a lot of onions, I thought I might try growing some, which I haven’t done in a long time. I don’t have a lot of space for onions, and a large crop wouldn’t store well so I just stuck with the red ones.

I ordered Alaskan peas for the bed where the cucumbers were, and I’ll follow that with some “Lazy Housewife” pole beans. These beans supposedly will keep bearing until the end of the season, which would be nice. I got some “Easter Egg” radishes as they have been successful in the past, and I’ll give Pak Choi another try. I also got Lemon cucumbers, Crystal Apple cucumbers which are similar to the Lemon cukes, Candystripe Beets, Cocozelle Squash, and Italian Wild Arugula which is supposedly less likely to bolt, and finally, Butternut squash in case there is room.

So, we are off and running.