Replacement Peppers and More

Goebbert’s is almost sold out of Vegetable plants. There were few tomatoes left and no Romas. The tomato and pepper shed was almost empty. I got some replacement peppers for the ones the bunnies ate, a lot of basil, and a few Kale plants.

I replaced the Jalapeno and Hot Banana pepper plants that got eaten and put pots around all of the hot peppers and staked them. I planted five or six generic cucumber plants in the empty space in the cucumber bed. I thinned out the lemon cucumbers which are doing well and weeded the whole bed. The cucamelons have not popped up yet.

We are having salads every day and the plants are doing well. The Arugula and Pak Choi bolted immediately from seed and the spinach bolted after a couple of early pickings. I planted a row of Kale to replace the first row of lettuce which we ate.