Plant Shopping Day

Today is Natalie’s and my 51st Wedding Anniversary, she’s working so I’ll celebrate it by shopping for garden plants! (We went out for a nice Mexican dinner last night.)

Quick calculation here. We were in our own house on our first anniversary, so it is likely that this is my 50th year of vegetable gardening. Does that make me a Master Gardener? No, it probably just makes me old.

I spent most of the afternoon getting the rest of my gardening needs. I went to Jewel first and got thirty more geraniums. I almost cleaned them out. I got about six white ones and the rest red.

I dropped those off and grabbed an apple and went to Costco for gas and then on to Home Depot. They had no Shishito peppers and no other plants of interest. I got three bags of mushroom compost and a bag of topsoil. I also got a couple of cans of wasp spray and garden fertilizer.

I came home and emptied out the car and was off to Goebberts. I got thyme and some fennel. The peppers were really picked over. I bought three large Lady Bell sweet peppers and six small ones. Also some Melrose and some Gypsy peppers. There was no Zucchini or hot peppers.

I did better at Countryside. They didn’t have the really large Champion Tomatoes, but had everything else in the 4 inch pots, although I had to dig for some of them. Here’s what I got:

2 – Champion

1 – Lemon Boy

2 – Mortgage Lifter

1 – Mr. Stripey

2 – Cherokee Carbon

1 – Black from Tula

1 – Oxheart

2 – Celebrity

1 – Arkansas Traveler

1 – German Johnson

I bought three large Poblano peppers and three-packs of hot Hungarian, sweet Hungarian, and three three-packs of jalapenos. I also got three large Aristocrat Zucchini plants and 4 Summer dance cukes and two of the long Japanese variety.