Finally – Planting!

We finally had a somewhat decent week to get the gardening going. The weather went instantly from rain and temperature in the 50s to Sun and temperatures hovering around 90. I’ve been trying to get out early and then do another round of gardening after dinner. Even after five days of hot weather and no rain, the ground is still very wet.

Container Garden 2022

I got most of the herbs in, I’ll need to buy thyme as my plants didn’t survive the winter. New this year is Prostrate Rosemary from Countryside, it grows as a creeping groundcover. Also new is an upright tarragon, called Four Seasons. It has yellow flowers and smells and looks like Mexican tarragon, except that it is upright. I also found a Bergamot mint which is called Lemon Mint. It smells like Bergamot and has a creeping habit, unlike lemon balm.

The container garden is mostly done.