My “friend” has returned!

What’s left of my Lemon Boy tomato plant after Mr. (Ms.) Groundhog got to it.

Our A/C has been out all week and I was up early yesterday because the temp didn’t drop below 80° all night and I had to be ready when George Lax & Co. showed up at 7:30 with a new A/C unit. I looked out the window and there in the path through the garden sat a large groundhog munching away on whatever. I yelled a few expletives and he quietly retreated into the horseradish. Later inspection showed no damage, at least for the time being.

That didn’t last long. I went into the garden this morning to pick some vegetables for out Saturday morning frittata and discovered that he (she) had totally trashed my Lemon Boy tomato plant, taking a three and a half foot plant down to about 1 foot and leaving four half-eaten tomatoes on the ground.

Stay tuned…