More Planting

I went to Goebbert’s in beautiful mid-80s weather yesterday afternoon to get my remaining plants. I got up early to 55° weather this morning to do the planting.

So, first of all, I bought a large Jalapeno plant (actually there are two in the pot) for the container garden. There’s a couple Jalapenos on the plant ready to pick. THey had large Roma tomatoes for per $4.50 per plant, but I’m not in a hurry for the Romas so it would have been a waste of money. There were no small Roma tomatoes so I bought the last 15 San Marzano tomatoes – three paks for $2.50 each. I’ll plant these over the weekend since I want to add compost to the bed before I plant.

So this morning I planted 4 pots of basil, 3 romaine lettuce and 3 Chinese cabbage (should have been 6 Chinese cabbage, but they mixed up the flats again. I should know better.), a red chili pepper to fill out the hot pepper bed, and 6 mustard greens behind the compost barrel. I also planted the Swiss Chard that I had bought a few weeks ago. I had a tray of sedum that I had pulled out of the front bed that I planted between the walk behind the porch and the dry creek. Finally, I moved four 18″ pavers to the east of Bed 3 where I had cleared out some horseradish, so I could easily reach that side of the bed for planting and picking. It was a productive morning.

Besides the San Marzano tomatoes, I need to construct the cucumber bed and trellis and plant the cukes. Then I need to start the mint garden and get the mint planted, even if the borders of the garden aren’t finished.