Last of the plantings

Yesterday, t I went to Goebbert’s and got a couple of BOGO flats of flowers that I’ll plant around the mint garden to get some color in the yard. I bought their last 8 Roma tomato plants and bought 7 bush tomatoes to fill out that space. I bought more curly parsley, 3 Gypsy peppers to replace the ones the rabbits chomped on and some Thai Basil.

I went out around 10:00 and planted parsley, 6 replacement peppers, 15 tomato plants, 2 hills of Cocozelle Zucchini seeds, and a hill of patty pan squash seeds. I stood out in the rain and watered my new plantings, lacking the faith that we would get a useful amount of rain. Three of the supposed Roma tomatoes turned out to be Early Girls, which I wasn’t happy about.