It Just Keeps On Coming…

I pulled up most of the garden the past week. I froze some bags of Poblano, Hungarian and sweet peppers. Tomato cages and stakes are put away. But, there still are a few more things out there. The temperature is going down to 26° tonight, so I thought it a good idea to harvest the celery root. I got one nice large root and a bunch of small ones. I’ll plant it again next year, but I need to give it more room. It doesn’t seem to need much care, just space.

Celery root or Celeriac harvest.

Also, as I was looking at the parsley, I found some “not parsley.” It’s either celery or celeriac that got mixed up with the parsley at Goebbert’s. So I harvested it, also. The stalks are very flavorful if it is celeriac and it will be well-cooked since it is going into the Thanksgiving stuffing. Should be amazing.

Celery or celeriac stalks. Not sure which, but it is going into the stuffing!