I went to Home Depot for flowers. I bought 4 large hanging baskets of trailing petunias in multiple colors. I paid $30 per basket to get the trailing petunias, a nice-looking gray planter, which also has a water reservoir at the bottom. It was more than I wanted to spend, but maybe they will last the whole summer for a change. I bought two smaller, $12.95 baskets for the garden hooks and some red petunias for the two front railing planters. Total bill $168.62. I got those home and hung and then ate lunch.

I headed up to Countryside around 2:00. It was crowded, but I lucked out and got a place in front of the door. The veggies are still in the back, but they added brick pavers between the two rows of buildings. I was hit with total sticker shock at the price of the plants. Single cucumbers and tiny tomatoes were $4.95 each! No more three packs for $1.95. The larger tomatoes were $17.95, and the medium-sized ones were $12.95.  I bought 3 large Early Girl II tomatoes, 1 large Super Sweet 100 Cherry tomato, and 1 Large Red Cherry Tomato, a medium Early Girl II, and 2 medium Champion II tomatoes. Finally, 1 small Sungold, 1 small Sun Sugar and 1 small Black Cherry at $4.49 each.

They didn’t have any large peppers, so I didn’t get any. I will check Goebbert’s.

I bought 2 small containers of bunching onions and 3 of beets @ $2.49 each.  Then 2 Mexican Tarragon a 5.99 each. (They didn’t have 4 seasons). I also bought 4 Summer Dance Cukes @ $4.95 each. Ouch! Total bill at Countryside is $189.40.