Evil Squirrel

Super Squirrel

Don’t mess with this guy!

The drought continues, so in order to keep the garden flourishing, I need to water every other day or so. The garden is spread out in a haphazard manner with mostly raised beds. It’s tough to get good coverage with a sprinkler, so I water by hand which takes an hour or two.

I was watering under what is left of the pear tree. I’ve trimmed the tree as much as possible and will probably have it taken down in the fall, as it is shading parts of the garden, and I never get an pears anyway due to various animals and hornets and yellow jackets that attack the pears while still on the tree and then harass me when I walk through the garden.

Anyway, I was watering under the tree this evening and things started hitting me on the back. Finally, I got hit on the head with a pear. I looked up in the tree and evil squirrel was sitting there throwing pears at me. This has happened before.

Now, I bear no animosity toward the rodent, even though he (or she) has torn shingles off of my roof during nesting season, and made a hole in the shed, but then wisely decided that it was not a good place for a nest after shredding most of a roll of paper towels and stuffing them in the space above the door.

“Evil’ may be too strong a term to use for this furry creature. One would not call Disney’s Chip and Dale “Evil” no matter how much they tormented Donald Duck, so maybe a term like impish, mischievous, or other adjective that is less “dark” and slightly comic might be more apt.

After the pear on the head, I was tempted to set my watering nozzle to “Jet”, point the nozzle into the tree and give the little so-and-so a good soaking, but I remembered that squirrels can be very vindictive and usually have the last word.