Late planting really messes up yield and first-pick date. I really need to get tomatoes and peppers in by mid-May. The peppers were planted on June 7. The tomatoes, other than the Romas were planted on June 18. I think that when one purchases plants that have already set fruit, you’ll get a couple of early fruits and then the rest are stunted.

I picked the first batch of four Champion tomatoes on July 4, but is was well over a month until any more ripened.

The first batch of Jalapenos were good, but there were no flowers on the plants after I picked the first bunch, but they finally had another nice crop late in the summer.

Green peppers were small, and the banana peppers didn’t do well. On the other hand, the poblano peppers were prolific and large.

The Countryside Sungold and Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes had amazing flavor

Countryside chocolate sprinkles and Chocolate cherry tomatoes were late and slow to ripen

Goebbert’s Roma Tomatoes performed very well until the groundhog ate them all

Home Depot (Bonnie Plants) Shishito peppers were early and prolific. I planted 10 plants. The way we like them probably should plant 12.

Eggplants did well. Blackbell II and White Star. 4 plants were more than enough.

Countryside Summer Dance cucumbers did very well with long fruits and small seeds. The other varieties did well but need to be picked earlier. They matured too fast.

It’s hard to evaluate the heirloom tomatoes since the groundhog ate most of them. It did appear that they were very slow to ripen. Other gardeners mentioned that tomatoes were slow to ripen this year The Brandywine yellow plant outlasted all of the others at the end of the season.