Drainage Project

Dry Creek to bring drainage from sump pump, gutters and runoff to front ditch.

In September we were finally able to complete a massive drainage project to keep our yard and basement dry from the increased rains that we may be experiencing due to climate change. Ather a summer of topographic maps and engineering. the project is finally complete thanks to Natalie, Engineer, Jason Doland and contractor Gabriel, Inc.

The project is functional as well as beautiful.

In the backyard the dry creek meanders from south to north, property line to property line, ending at a tile that carries the water to the front ditch.
The dry creek follows the walkway and adds beauty and interest to the landscape.
It wraps around the herb garden and lower deck.
It makes a loop and intercepts runoff flowing down the hill from the south.
It passes near the septic tank, and picks up any runoff near the SE corner of the house which has been a low spot.

The septic tank was reinforced with concrete and rebar as part of the project. The top of the tank is now exposed due to re-grading. I will cover the top with a sectional wooden lath deck that will be easily removable when the tank needs service. the deck will have potted vegetable plants on it. The herb garden near the fence was removed during construction. and a new one will be built within the loop of the dry creek.

View of both dry creeks, looking west.