Sweet Peppers Planted

Sweet peppers finally planted!

After Tuesday’s 2.5 inches of rain, the weather finally dried out enough that I can begin planting. The soil is still extremely wet, too wet to rototill or turn over. I dug the big weeds out and got the rest the best I could with the cultivator. So at least all of the sweet peppers are in, but I should have been at this point a month ago. I hope this wet spring weather isn’t the new normal.

The peppers are in the bed next to the blackberries and here’s the lineup from South to North:

10 Large Shishito peppers (Bonnie Plants – Home Depot)
2 Large Lady Bell Peppers (Goebbert’s)
3 Small Lady Bell Peppers (Goebbert’s)
3 Large Sweet Banana Peppers (Goebbert’s)
3 Small Sweet Banana Peppers (Goebbert’s)
6 Small Valencia Peppers (Goebbert’s)
3 Small Melrose Peppers (Goebbert’s)
3 Small Gypsy Peppers (Goebbert’s)

I need to put bottomless pots around the plants, lest they become rabbit food.