Seed Order Time


The days are getting longer and the holiday chaos is winding down so it is time to start thinking Spring! I placed my seed order today with Terroir Seeds in Arizona. Here’s the list:

Slow Bolting Cilantro
Wild Italian Arugula
Pak Choi
Lazy Housewife Pole Beans
Zappallo de Tronco Squash
Crystal Apple Cucumber
True Lemon Cucumber
Easter Egg Radishes
Clemson Spineless 80 Okra
Red Burgundy Okra

The Zappallo de Tronco Squash is a new one for me. It can be used as summer squash or a short storage winter squash. It is supposed to be very flavorful and resistant to squash bugs. I also ordered Okra since I couldn’t find plants last year. The slow bolting cilantro needs partial shade, so maybe I’ll grow it in pots.

I also went on Etsy and ordered:
Peruvian Black Mint
Mashed Potato Squash.

I’ll buy the snow peas seeds locally since the variety from Terroir was not good.

Some early thoughts on the layout – I’ll work sand and compost into the front of the bed where the peas and beans are and see if I can grow a decent radish crop. I am planning to plant the okra in front of the back fence, as it can be an ornamental hedge also. Maybe I’ll add more raised beds there. I need to maybe put the eggplant in the second bed so that it is likely to get more water. I have room along the barn for a row of something, maybe bell peppers? I’ll rotate the Zucchini in front of the Roma tomatoes, and plant the Zappallo in the north end of the bed next to the firepit. I’ll have celery root in that bed also.

2022 garden – in progress!!