Slow Steady Progress

It has been tough getting to the gardening work. Earlier in the week, we had three days of threats of heavy rain and thunderstorms, but netted less than .1 inches. Wednesday, I picked up Jared and Izabella at the airport as they returned from their 10th-anniversary vacation in the Maldives. Friday, Natalie had surgery on her hand. Today I finally went out and got some work done.

I finished up the container garden. Here’s what I planted. A pot with 2 Serrano peppers, two pots with a large Early Girl II tomato in each, a pot with a Sunsugar and a Sun Gold tomato, another pot with two Grape Tomatoes, a pot with a Black Cherry tomato and a Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato, a potted Jalapeno from Goebbert’s, and a pot that I seeded with Genovese Basil and another pot that will be seeded with basil in early July.

I weeded the peas and broccoli that were infested with Canadian Thistle. I sprayed the thistle behind the trellis with Roundup. I’ll need to keep up with the rest over the summer.

I planted 6 large Summer Dance cucumbers a few days ago. I planted some Burpless cukes from Goebbert’s today. There is no room for any seeds, so if I am going to plant Lemon Cucumbers, I’ll need to find another place.