More Herb Garden

Natalie was gone to St. Louis this weekend for Katy’s Bridal Shower, so it’s a working weekend. I dug out the drainage ditch on the south edge of the yard near the house and lined it with the cinder block from the old greenhouse that was stacked behind the compost pit, and topped it with the flagstone salvaged from the old pond.

I moved the stepping stones back to encompass the septic tank as grass wouldn’t grow there (I discovered that there was only about an inch of soil above the tank.) I also lined up the wood walk in the garden with the rest of the path, so that it’s straight now, and I gained a couple feet of width on the west end of the garden.

I graded and tilled the new herb garden and planted, basil plants, basil seeds, lovage seeds and summer savory seeds and 1 plant. I left room for more basil and moved a bunch of garlic chives that were growing on the side of the house into the new area. I cleaned up the flower part of the garden and discovered that most of the perennials I planted last summer had survived, despite my earlier worries.

I also planted a variegated sage plant in the herb garden, and three regular ones at the entrance to the garden by the Rhubarb plant.

FInally I planted a couple of rows of Baby Bok Choy next to the arugula and a row of leeks along the Collards and a row of Green beans next to that.