Mid-Summer Thoughts

So we are now in the middle of July, and I have daily tomatoes and cucumbers, and the zucchini exploded from nothing earlier this week. What’s working and what isn’t. The rabbits damaged a few peppers, so I think I need to add a round of 2X6s on my second two beds. I think that might be enough to keep them out.

The celery root failed again. The first batch succumbed to the drought, and the second got eaten, likely by little bunnies. That bed is fenced, and I stapled the fence to the bed frame. But they likely got in under the south end. I’ll likely need to mound up dirt over the fence.

I was too late for Roma tomatoes from Goebberts and need to buy those by the beginning of June.

I didn’t get tomatillos in, and I need to prepare the ground for those in the fall.

The Early Girl II tomatoes have been producing since mid-June, and the Champion II plants are producing as well. These are both winners for early tomatoes.

The okra is not growing well, and that needs to get in earlier.

The basil in pots is doing well, and I probably need at least 3 pots and should seed every three weeks.

There is no reason to plant mustard greens.

8 romaine plants are enough. It bolts too fast to plant anymore. Parsley should be seeded early, like before May 1.

It looks like the Malabar spinach is doing very well in the pot. I’ll definitely do it that way next year.