Mid-July Report

Tomatillo (Husk Tomato) plant.

The Tomatillos are doing well and I am looking forward to a large crop.

The mosquitoes are still swarming and it is been difficult to do anything in the garden other than basic weeding. I have plants that have been sitting in trays for almost a month but it’s too buggy to do any planting. The rain has been gone for almost a week and I am seeing dry soil for the first time all summer, so I am hoping the bugs will be somewhat gone in a few days,

I picked the first couple zucchini this week, and the cherry and grape tomatoes have been yielding well. Some of the tomatoes have been in the ground since early May, but nothing is ripening yet. Early Girl is supposed to produce in 50 days, but as usual, it will be August tomatoes. When the Romas ripen, it will be a great crop.

Peppers are starting to produce, I picked some full size Gypsy peppers this week and all the pepper plants look good except the hot peppers by the back fence — they got too much water from all the rain and look a bit stunted.

The Tomatillos are doing well and it looks like a good crop. Supposedly they are ready to pick when the fruit has filled up the husk.

Deer and rabbits have rimmed the Lacinato Kale an the Collards, but they will probably come back. Herbs are looking good except the Basil.

I am hoping to get some fall plants started this week if the mosquitoes decline.