Father’s Day Gallery

The first day of Summer and Father’s Day coincided this year, and it also marks the completion of my plantings. We were somewhat back to a normal spring schedule this year. Most of the nurseries sold out early, but I was still able to find almost all of the varieties I wanted. So here is a gallery of where the garden is at this point.

Herb Garden off the deck and Cherry Tomatoes and Grape tomatoes in containers.
New Herb Garden complete and growing. The herbs are Basil, Thai Basil, Multi color Sage, Purple Veined Sorrel, French Tarragon, Mexican Tarragon, Spicy Mexican Oregano, Greek Oregano, Lemon Thyme, and Chocolate Mint.
These are the three new raised beds with Sweet Peppers, Fava Beans, Chinese Cabbage. Spring Greens, Okra, Swiss Chard, Kale, and Fennel.
The cucumbers are fenced in and growing well. Summer Dance Cucumbers from Countryside, generic slicing cumbers from Goebbert’s and Lemon cucumbers from Terroir Seeds. The cucamelons never came up.

Sixteen tomato plants, four rows of four, mostly heirloom. New stepping stones between the rows.

Fifteen Roma plants fenced in to thwart the Groundhog who ate almost all of then last year. There are for drying and freezing. The othe half of this bed contains hot peppers and eggplants.
The last bed is Zucchini and Peter Pan squash.