Fall Report

I picked the last of the cucumbers this weekend as the vines are pretty much dead. With the drought continuing, I just couldn’t keep enough water on them. Tha area along the fence needs to be built up as it is too wet in the Spring and needs a lot more organic matter in the soil as it is too dry in the summer. I probably wouldn’t be a good idea¬† to plant cucumbers there again. as I’ve done it there for 5 or 6 years.

We picked lots of hot Hungarian peppers, sliced and pickled them for Jared and Jeff — they each got a 1 qt. jar. The plants still look good. The tomatoes are bearing in full force, I probably need to skin and freeze some next weekend.

I got a few Patty Pan squash this weekend and the new crop of beans is ready for picking. the fall zucchini have some small ones. Everything is suffering from lack of water, so I put the sprinkler on for about 5 hours which produced over an inch on the rain gauge.

We had a couple of near frosts this week with night time temperatures in the mid-thirties, but no damage. I made Calabacitas <karneyfamilyrecipes.com> from the last couple of zucchini from the summer plants. I also roasted a bunch of the sweet Hungarian peppers for it and they were wonderful.