Broccoli & Eggplant

I picked the first couple of crowns of broccoli today. I was a couple of days late on one of them. I set the plants out on April 13th. That’s 3-1/2 months to maturity. Some of the plants don’t even have small crowns on them yet. Very strange.

The eggplants are really starting to go now. I stuck with a single variety of large purple ones this year and ensured they got plenty of water and fertilizer. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the variety or source. They are well protected from rabbits. We picked the first one about a week ago, and Edith baked the slices. She used balsamic and something else. It was very good.

It looks like we’ll have a very good harvest his year, unlike the past several.

Here’s an eggplant, almost ready to harvest, in its anti-rabbit cage.