An Abundance of Salad

Arugula growing between the tomato plants.

Arugula between the tomato plants planted April 7.

We’ve been eating  a lot of salad, as the spring greens are finally producing well, after a slow start because of the cold spring.

The arugula is starting to bolt so I picked everything from the first planting today in between raindrops, and I’ll probably pick the second planting tomorrow if the weather is decent.

D’Avignon Long Radishes planted on April 7.

D’Avignon Long Radishes planted on April 7.

I pulled up the first couple of plantings of radishes today. The Easter Egg variety did poorly like other radishes I have grown. Small and woody. I have another planting going and we’ll see if they do any better. The d’Avignon variety which is a longer red radish, did a lot better with most plants producing acceptable roots. I’ll try another planting.

Lollo Rossa Lettuce

Lollo Rossa Lettuce planted on April 7

I’ll pick the rest of the Spring Raab tomorrow as it is starting to bolt. The Lollo Rossa lettuce is doing well and not showing any signs of bolting. The Altor is just starting to bolt. Corn salad is finally starting to grow and will probably be pick-able in a week or two.

The mustard greens are really growing well and their flavor is mild. I’m able to pick some of the kale that I started as plants also.